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How to make Spoon Butter

Hola friends!

I figured I'd start my blog off with my favorite kitchen items and how to care for them. So stay tuned for up coming Kitchen Care posts.
Today I wanna cover wood and the importance of it in the Kitchen. 

I can describe the modern kitchen with one word. Plastic.
Almost everything we come into contact with has plastic. We now have plastic bowls, cutting boards, food containers, utensils, cups.. the list goes on and on. What happened to good old fashioned glass, wood, and metal? 

Lately, I've been trying to get rid of that junk because they do nothing for me. Give me a good cast iron skillet and a wood spoon and I'll be one happy gal. I absolutely love the idea of hand me down and anything vintage! When I acquire a new used kitchen tool (you can find a bunch of things at a second hand store or just ask your relatives, they always seem to be giving things away) I can't help but get excited.…

About Me

So glad you found your way to my little blog. So here’s a little bit about me.

My name is Nikki. I am from a little town in North Dakota called Rugby, which is also the geographic center of North America. I wouldn't change growing up in North Dakota for anything. I have a younger brother and we grew up running around barefoot outside, building extravagant tree houses, and being pulled by the four wheeler in the orange wagon on the "roller coaster". I loved my childhood. It was awesome to say the least and filled with so many memories of playing with my cousins and best friend.

I was raise on a farm just a little ways outside of town. I grew up working right along side my dad. I remember the first time I got to drive the tractor, I was 5 and couldn't reach the petals. It was exciting but scary at the same time. Ever since I was 5 I have said I want to be a farmer when I get big. Well 18 years later I can proudly say I hold an active roll on our family farm. I g…